Mr. Kishor K Mehta

Dear Friends,
These are challenging times in health care. As medicine and related technology get more innovative and powerful, criticism mounts in both developed and developing nations about the lamentably unfair distribution systems for quality patient care.

As a Chairman / Founder Trustee of Lilavati Hospital Mumbai, I assure that we will engage ourselves wholeheartedly in dispensing medical services which will be prudent and compassionate and in keeping with the aspirations and dreams of my beloved parents.

With the mission of enhancing life for the common man, our team of highly qualified doctors along with a group of competent and conscientious administrators will make sure that medically appropriate decisions are made for all those who seek our help.

When the Lilavati Hospital, Gift City, Gujarat is completed, it will stand as a proud symbol of an equitable health care facility representing the highest standards in medical ethics.

Lilavati Hospital, Gift City, Gujarat